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  • Product Name: Wireless door chime
  • Product Mode: ZDL-2583

Sound quality:64 chord + high quality fidelity ,57 mm diameter big speaker;            
Material:Import PC flame retardant materials and imported chip, new material and unique surface treatment. Double deck glass fiber board, Europe and the United States the latest wireless superheterodyne chip, more stable performance, long service life.Manganese battery pills never oxidation to prevent battery leakage, the design is negative.         
Technology:1 million groups of learning code, can be arbitrary and increase the quantity of remote controls and receivers, using save electricity patent technology, the remote control battery available for 2 years.         
Function:Three order volume, large, medium and small products with light, 36 first chord music optional, free to code: can be 1 to many, many to one.       
Remote control distance:Remote control distance 200 meters, through the IP54 waterproof certification.         
Production:SMT production process, greatly improve product stability, 20 years of technical experience, independent research and development design.         
Accessories:With 1 grain of 23 a 12 v battery, 1 piece of 3 m gelatin sponge, install the luo silk, 2 2 rubber plug.         
Parameter:Emitter working voltage: 24 ma, standby voltage: 0 ma power supply mode: DC12V A23;    Receiver operating voltage: large volume 150 mA, the volume of 100 mA, small volume 50 mA standby voltage: 0.3-3 mA
Certification: CE international certification, frequency: 433.92 to 434.92 MHz
Packing: packed in double blister elevator, 20 sets of each inner box, 60 sets of each carton.
Note: the minimum quantity for 10 cases (600), the product warranty 1 year, the unit price without tax and shipping, ship model, large quantities of purchase in addition to negotiate.